DIDA 2016 EN






A school in Geter

In Dida New Flower in Africa supports and funds the extension the school, which currently has about 300 students, in order to allow pupils to continue the cycle of elementary school. At the same time as the enlargement of the school, the project involves the construction of adequate bathrooms and large enough, with a septic tank, which will replace the existing holes in the ground used as latrines. A guard’s house will also be built for the keeper. Moreover, in 2017, the construction of toilets and showers for the school, sponsored by New Flower, has started and it’s been finished at the beginning of 2018. Another important project for children and the community.


The objectives of the project are many; first to provide an adequate education to children living in rural and remote areas, with a particular focus on the inclusion of girls in school and community activities. A second goal is the dissemination of basic information and raising awareness on key issues for the residents of this area. It aims to foster and promote a form of development from below, arose among the locals.


Direct beneficiaries will be the 250 students of the elementary school, the kindergarten’s 90 and their 5 teachers. Indirectly benefit from the project even the 500 boys attending the oratory and 300 families who live in that area.


Dida is a rural village located in a desert and isolated area, 35 km far from Zway. In this context, three local people have begun to construct a masonry school and kindergarten, which have soon become a meeting point not only for children but also for the adults of the village. The construction of a well connected to school has turned this place into a point of vital importance for the families of the area, who gather to drink and take advantage of  toilets and sanitations that do not exist in their huts. Cultural and social services meet the young villagers with sporting activities, library, recreation and music, religious celebrations of all kinds, hygiene education service.