Dilla 2017 EN






A student residence for girls in Dilla

The project aims to support the building of a student residence that will host girls and women between the ages of 18 and 35 years coming from villages who attend two-year vocational trainings in IT, Secretariat and Tailoring. These courses are essential for women and girls to obtain a job. The Mary Help College is known for its quality in teaching and the diploma, recognized by the local government, gives them a good chance both to start to work or to go to College.


The need to create an internal structure on campus raised when was identified an increase in the rate of abandonment of studies, especially from the girls, due to the difficulties faced by them to attend courses. Often girls from poor families are forced to find budget accommodations that end up in insecure or unhealthy places, with a high risk of being victims of ingenuity, malicious intent and malpractices. Sometimes, more simply the room rents are too high and girls not being able to afford to live in the city are obliged to come back in the countryside to their families.


200 women and girls between 18 and 35 years old


The project supported by New Flower in Africa is located in the southern part of Ethiopia, in the city of Dilla which is the administrative centre of the region Gedeo. This city with its growing economy, deriving from the coffee trade, the University and the hospital is very attractive for the young people who leave the countryside looking for work and educational qualifications. Unfortunately, this reality hides several dangers especially for girls.