Dilla 2018 EN





The old primary school (from grade 1 to 8) was built using the traditional method (mud and grass walls covered with plaster and sheet metal roof)and unfortunately, the structure was no longer suitable. Not only had there been safety , but the classrooms could no longer cope with the ever-increasing number of students.

New Flower in Africa is committed to financing the construction of a new three storey school building with 16 classrooms, enough to ensure that the additional two sections per year are accommodated for, in order to overcome the problem of overcrowding. The project has been completed and the school was inaugurated in January 2018.


The school in Dilla is very important because there are no other similar facilities in the surrounding area. Within the school grounds, the students have space to play and move around. Moreover, the school is not only a place to learn formal subjects, but also to spend afternoons and weekends safely playing football or volleyball away from the street. For this reason, New Flower in Africa has supported this project by participating through the construction of a new, larger school to allow more children to access primary education.


Previously, the school hosted approximately 600 students from grades 1-8 . By building a larger structure, the school now accommodates up to one hundred students per year and the number of direct beneficiaries has reached 800 pupils between the ages of 6 and 14 years of age. Beneficiaries also consist of teachers (two per class), the families of students, the community, the children and the young people of Dilla (who now have a new school to enroll in


In collaboration with the Salesian community, New Flower in Africa is in the town of Dilla, located in the southern part of the country and is the administrative center of the Jedeo Region.