HOBE 2020






Multipurpose Hall of Hobe

The project aims to support the construction of a multi-purpose hall in order to create a safe meeting point to educate and give the chance to do sport in total safety.

The multi-purpose hall is also designed for cultural activities such as: library, meetings, theatre, festivities and celebrations with the option to transform it into four classrooms. The location of the project is crucial because is in the Geter area where girls and boys of all ages live and deserve a center where they can socialize without having to migrate to big cities and leave their families.


From Hobe and the surrounding villages, 5% of the girls go to the Arab countries in search of a future and are victims to serious problems and suffering.

The Salesian community of Don Bosco lives in Zway, 35 km from Hobe, and provides youth animation in five centres. In recent years they have been working in Adamitullo and Dida with exemplary schools, toilets, sports fields and educational and recreational activities, thanks also to the financial support of the Foundation New Flower in Africa.


950 families distributed throughout the territory with a population of 5,000 inhabitants.


Hobe is a village located in a vast rural area 200 km from Addis Ababa. It consists of 950 households distributed in the territory with a population of 5,000 inhabitants.

The community consists of three tribes: Marako (70%), Slite (20%), Maskel(10%) and four religious groups: Muslims(60%), Orthodox(20%), Protestants(10%) and Catholics(10%).

Life takes place with the rhythm of the seasons, based on agricultural work. When the harvest is favourable, survival is guaranteed, when it is not, problems of famine, diatribes and conflicts arise.

The population is purely juvenile with a high birth rate. They receive a low level of school and health education with few prospects for the future if not repeating the life, customs and habits of the previous generation.

The residents of this area and especially the young people are willing to work together during the construction phase with the offer of 100 hours of work and the removal of the material, under the guidance of the foreman.