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TOGO, 2018

A new vocational School in Dédomé

In order to afford an important need of the young boys and girls after the middle school, New Flower in Africa will help the Swiss Italian NGO Amici di Don Frank to continue and finish the construction of a vocational school in Togo. The School will include the vocational curricula of: computer scientist, mechanic, electromechanical, carpenter/joiner, electrician, mason, welder, hairdresser, tailor, domestic science, farmer and breeder. In addition to the  various ateliers, the building will include a library, the administration offices and a canteen.

The prefecture of Atamou, where there’s Dédomé, counts 106’000 inhabitants. The 42.2% is less than 15 years old and 51% are women. These data show that young people who can undertake a vocational training in the school of Dédomé can be estimated, in the next years, at about 10’600 (the 10% of the population that is less than 15 years old).
Each vocational curricula can be attended by 30 apprentices and this means that the school can host around 900 young. The beneficiaries will be also the young’s families, the school staff and generally speaking the entire community.
The village of Dédomé, on the slopes of the Monts Fétiches, is located about 200 Km north of  Lomé, 17 km south-west of Atakpamé and 10 Km from the small village of Amlamé, chief town of the prefecture of Amou. It’s a village of the region Imle. Dédomé is an agrarian village based on local customs and traditions. Farmers organize their work with rudimentary tools that decrease the possibility of cultivations of the fields.